AllArk FAQ & Contact

  Hi Awesome Person! 

Thanks for your order at AllArk. You are amazing and we appreciate you! 😊 

Our contact details are at the bottom. :)    


1. Your order will be delivered in 60 minutes, so be on the lookout! Some types of orders may take up to 24-48 hours. 

2. Entering email is optional but make sure you enter the correct  Payment or Delivery details. You can contact us using NOSTR or Session  for any changes to your order.  

3. For Zelle, Revolut, Venmo,  CashApp,  Bank Transfers, SEPA or PayPal, processing times range from 30  minutes to 180 minutes. Please enter name on the account and payment  details on Checkout screen. Orders are billed in $ only so be aware of  the exchange rate with your currency. πŸ™‚ 

3.b. You will receive  the order amount minus the fee. Occasionally, due to market volatility  and our emphasis on trusty vs inexpensive services, the fees may be  slightly higher, we want your legacy finance accounts to be blemish free  and ensure the highest standards of safety. Please be aware that  significant market volatility affects trades. 

4. Bank Wires, ACH, SWIFT Transfers, Paypal orders may sometimes take 24-48 business hours to arrive. :)  

5. Sometimes, delivery may take longer due to chain or operational issues, don’t panic. πŸ™ƒ 

6. Visa Gift Cards are Globally valid and expire in 180 days. Delivery may take upto 24 hours.:) 

7. For Gift Cards: Please specify the country you require it for in "...Delivery Details" 

8. Visa Debit Accounts have no limits and no expiry. πŸ™ƒ 

9.  For items that require physical delivery, including Cash by Mail,  please specify delivery address in "...Payment or Delivery Details". We  insure Cash by Mail for theft and loss as well as provide expedited  shipping, this is charged as a small percentage of the total amount  ordered. 

9a. For Any Amazon Item delivery, please send link to  item. Please be aware of the sales tax in your location and add it to  your total before placing the order or use the "Sales Tax" listing to  pay it. 

10. No changes are possible after Gift Card has been sent  out. We cannot provide support for Visa Debit Cards after first  successful transaction, please be careful where you use them, keep track  of balance and please be aware that some merchants may flag your card  and render it unusable, in which case we cannot reverse the block. πŸ™‚ 

11.  For Custom Orders, send any and all details needed to fulfill it. You  can swap, cash out, buy and ship things, purchase luxury watches,  designer goods, vehicles etc...whatever you need in the Custom Order. πŸ™‚ 


The AllArk Team  

Please reach out to us via NOSTR or Session Messenger Below 

NOSTR: npub1wgkatj3yvhlch09h87vwh5e83h797wxf399g6c8vg0aaqnvfjqlqtfh2jt 

Session: 05ae9b04c901b356d8b5cef6e5bab7317d2f7979fcfa0da84f98d9f045e7af530d